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Blue Marble Evaluation Webinar


I will present a one hour webinar with Michael Quinn Patton on “ Time as an Evaluation Principle in Blue Marble Evaluation”. I will post a link here when available. The webinar is at 0.2.30 GMT, 08.00 Indian standard time. Sorry not the best time for Europe but should be OK for North and South America, Asia, and Australisia.

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Public lecture: Indigenous Identity in North-east Cambodia

I will speak at Massey University Palmerston North on Tuesday March 13 about a complex, fast moving dynamic situation in Cambodia where I ran an Outcome Harvest evaluation. It is an extra-ordinary project which rbis questions ranging from what human identity is constructed from to how one can evaluate a nebulous concept like dignified adaptation in such complexity. Lets see if staff and students at Massey can help me.

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to Mar 10

ANZEA Outcome Harvesting Workshop Wellington New Zealand

I will deliver two one day workshops on Outcome Harvesting in Wellington and Auckland for the Aotearoa New Zealand Evaluation Association (ANZEA). These will be interactive workshops looking at what evaluation is and when and why Outcome harvesting might be used. See the ANZEA flyer here, or go to their website

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Thinking Systems, Harvesting Outcomes. AEA conference Washington D.C.

Bob Williams and I present an interactive 90 minute session at the 2017 American Evaluation Association conference titled

1294:Outcome Harvesting with a twist of Systems Thinking. Yes please!

We use my evaluation in Afghanistan earlier this year to look at OH as a tactic and Systems thinking as the strategy to unravel complex system dynamics and hint at entry points.  

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