Outcome Mapping- from the horses' mouths.

I often write about ideas and interactions on this blog, but today I get practical. Behind all my ideas and thoughts is my work with real people who try to contribute positively to this planet and our wonderful, violent, unpredictable species in real situations out there. Project design, monitoring and implementation is where the rubber of all our development ideas meets the real-world road. Here is an interview I did with Drs. Emily and Javid who work in mental health in Afghanistan. I evaluated their project in Afghanistan in February 2017 and facilitated a design and evaluation workshop with their team in August 2017 in Mussoorie. Listen to them frame "the problem" (which is mind-bogglingly wicked), how they think about contributing in the midst of this complexity,  what they find useful about Outcome Mapping as a way to enter this space and what they think might be practical difficulties with using OM. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 3.42.55 PM.png

The piece was kindly recorded and the title and end-piece inserted by Bhagat Pun and Chris.  Here is the 18 minute interview I m working on a two minute summary which I will post as soon as  I have figured out video editing. 

And for a quick written summary of why OM was used in a project, how and what the results are have a look at this case (another project) I posted on the International Outcome Mapping Learning Community website last month.